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Anna Krone

 Freshman and Sophomore Counselor


Nikole Dewitt  

Junior and Senior Counselor  



Counselor Connection Newsletters

Mrs. DeWitt's Counselor Connection newsletters include updates on scholarships, financial aid, and other important information for juniors and seniors at Buhler High School.

Read our enrollment guides in order to make the best choices for student schedules for four years at Buhler High School.
National Honor Society
Points for sections II-B, III, and IV are awarded by the selection committee based on a preset rubric.  A student must accumulate at least 80% of the total points possible (or 32 points out of 40) in order to qualify for membership.
 I. Evaluation of Scholarship  (based on six semester transcript)    10 pts
Cumulative GPA 6 semesters  -  3.4 or better  5  
Cumulative GPA 6 semesters  -  3.75 or better 2  
Honors Jr. English    1  
AP History 1  
Two years Foreign Language in same language 1  
II. Evaluation of Character   10 pts
Faculty rating based on NHS established criteria. In order to vote on a 0-5 scale, a faculty member must have the student in class or as an activity sponsor.    
  90-99% of points possible 8  
  80-89%  7  
  75-79% 6  
  70-74%  5  
  65-69%    4  
  60-64% 3  
Paragraph on Resumé 0-2  
III. Evaluation of Service   10 pts
Twenty hours of a volunteer project verified by adult sponsor.  5  
Participation in service-related extra-curricular activities
based on resume.  These may be school or non-school service
organization or projects. 
IV. Evaluation of Leadership   10 pts
Held school or community office (verification provided by the student). 1-4  
Active participation in extra and co-curricular activities;
co-curricular activities are those that are affiliated with a class.
National Merit Scholars
Scholarships and Financial Aid

Forms, Documents, and Slides

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8th Grade Orientation  
Read information from our Shadowing booklet about courses for 8th graders to take when the come to the high school and about activities, clubs and athletics.