BHS Mangonel Staff earns state and national awards

BHS Journalism Department earns state and national awards

Buhler, KS - It has been a week to celebrate in room 116 at Buhler High School.

The BHS Mangonel Staff was excited to learn that the 2021-2022 Mangonel publication had won two awards: a KSPA All-Kansas rating and recognition as a Jostens National Yearbook Program of Excellence. 

To earn a KSPA All-Kansas rating, the 2022 yearbook was submitted for critique before October 1st. Judges critiqued 47 books and awarded 24 All-Kansas ratings. 

The qualifications to be recognized as a program of excellence were determined by the amount of coverage of the student body, the marketing and sales of the book, and the overall management of the publication. 

The BHS Mangonel has a rich history of success. Recently, long-time BHS teacher Samantha Neill has taken the reins of adviser. 

“We have learned a lot over the past 2 years together. The students have shown dedication to our program and a willingness to learn. I am so proud of the time and effort they spent working on this yearbook,” said Neill. 

Student leadership for this publication was seniors Dylan Reed, Madison Mitchell, Carver Terrell and junior Breanna Bingle. 

Other staff members included Paige McDowell, Hailea Redinger, Kalli White, Trent Sheridan, Dacia Deviney, Penn Hines, Loren McQuilliam, Adylae McCoy, Lilly Coldren, Karson Dinwiddie, Kenzie Welch, Jaelyn Anderson, Izzy Rodriguez, Bella Ging, Paige Simmons, Mikayla Little, Regan Morris, Audrey Devena and Brooklyn Blick-Neal. 

“Our goal with this book was to showcase the memories that we made throughout high school. In the world that we live in, we are constantly shown how fast high school is going to go, so we wanted to use this book to playback the memories we made and attempt to hit pause on the good times,” said Bingle. 

Students used components of technology such as playlists, streaming services, text messaging, and photo reels to tell stories from the year. 

Copies of the 2022 Mangonel are still available for purchase for $50. 

This year’s 2023 Mangonel can be purchased online at